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Developmental Screening & Supports

Healthy development during the first five years of life is fundamentally important and lays the foundation for success in school and later life. There are key developmental milestones all children should achieve during these formative years, but as many as one-in-four may experience delays that can have a long lasting detrimental impact. In these cases, early identification and timely intervention are critically important; the earlier a child receives supports, the better their outcomes.

The ECA is working to ensure all children in Onondaga County develop on track by educating families about the importance of monitoring and tracking their children’s development and helping them to navigate the county’s robust system of early childhood services and supports.

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Key Initiative

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Help Me Grow Onondaga

--- Launched in 2019 ---

Help Me Grow Onondaga helps children birth through age five reach their full potential by:


Providing families with information on child development and parenting, fun activities to help their children thrive,

and personalized connections to local services.


Helping families and caregivers track young children’s ongoing progress in building physical, social, behavioral, communication, and thinking skills.


Improving the ability of families, caregivers, health and human service providers, and educators to work together in building a strong foundation for our children and a better future for New York’s communities.


Parents Have Questions.
Help Me Grow Has Answers.

Help Me Grow offers parents and caregivers the tools to give their children the best possible chances for health, happiness, and success. Whether they have general parenting questions, are looking to learn more about their child’s development, or need help meeting their child’s basic needs, parents can trust Help Me Grow to help them navigate the early childhood system and give them the answers and support they need.


Child Development Questionnaires

Developmental questionnaires provide a snapshot of a child’s development at a specific point in time, identifying strengths, uncovering new milestones to celebrate, and revealing any areas where support may be needed. Help Me Grow utilizes the Ages & Stages Questionnaires® (ASQ®-3 and ASQ®:SE-2),
a reliable and effective parent-based screening system that pinpoints developmental progress in children between the ages of one month and 5 ½ years. Questionnaires can be completed online in approximately 10-15 minutes.

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Summer Merrick


(315) 616-6854 x101

Kerrie Wenham

Data & Operations Manager

(315) 944-2054

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J. Edwards.png
Jamasia Edwards

Family Resource Specialist

(315) 616-6854 x104

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April Garcia

Family Resource Specialist

Ashley Homer_Final.png
A. Homer.png
Ashley Homer

Family Resource Specialist

(315) 616-6854 x102

Sierra McMahon.jpg
S. McMahon.png
Sierra McMahon

Family Resource Specialist

Laila Mounayer.jpg
Laila Mounayer

Family Resource Specialist

(315) 616-6854 x107

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Rawlins, Erin.jpg
Erin Rawlins

Family Resource Specialist

(315) 616-6854 x115

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Baby Aasiya hates snow.JPG
Aasiya Sellars

Family Resource Specialist

(315) 616-6854 x105


Empower parents

and caregivers with knowledge around child development and increase developmental screening in Onondaga County.


Call 2-1-1 and ask

for Help Me Grow or


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