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All children deserve a healthy start, but many in Onondaga County experience developmental challenges as early as birth from factors such as low birth weight, late or no prenatal care, and teenage and/or unmarried parents. Poor birth outcomes are especially prevalent among economically disadvantaged families and families of color. The key to combatting these outcomes is ensuring the reproductive well- being of women and their partners through education, advocacy, and equitable access to high-quality reproductive healthcare.

The ECA understands that the health of our county’s children is inextricably linked to the health of their mothers. We are committed to advancing strategies that promote reproductive well-being and empower women to make informed choices about their bodies, their sexual health, and their future children.

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Key Initiative

Layla's Got You

Launched in 2018

A program of the Allyn Family Foundation, Layla’s Got You is building a local movement to encourage and support young women and their partners to have complete information about all contraceptives and be able to choose the method that is right for them, without any cost or access barriers. The Layla Campaign is strongly committed to reproductive justice, woman-centered care, dispelling myths, and changing social norms to empower young women with positive self-images and independent choice. Strategies include:


Social norms campaign on social media.


Engagement of Black and Latina women, ages 16-25.


Chatbot named Layla that provides answers to questions about reproductive wellness.


Helping young women of color be seen and heard through power building.


Convening the Reproductive Wellbeing Coalition to deepen collective community efforts to support young women and to educate and engage providers to achieve anti-racist health care.


Reduce unintended pregnancies and increase reproductive wellness in Onondaga County.

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Tiffany Lloyd

Director of Women's Health & Empowerment

Allyn Family Foundation

(315) 744-6144

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