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Leadership & Staff

Early Childhood Alliance
B Creaser.jpg
Bethany Creaser.jpg
Bethany Creaser

Executive Director

(315) 382-0795

Byrd, Syeisha.png
Syeisha Byrd.PNG
Syeisha Byrd

Director of Family Engagement

(315) 706-4526

Dillon, Emily.jpg
Emily Dillon.jpg
Emily Dillon

Director of Communications

(315) 616-6854 x106

Wagner-Flynn, Megan.jpg
Megan Wagner-Flynn.jpg
Megan Wagner-Flynn

Director of Early Learning Strategy

(315) 430-4821

Heather Green.jpg
Heather Green

Program Coordinator

(315) 616-6854 x103

Help Me Grow Onondaga
Summer Merrrick.JPG
Summer Merrick


(315) 616-6854 x101

Kerrie Wenham

Data & Operations Manager

(315) 944-2054

Brown, Audrey.jpg
Audrey Brown

Family Resource Specialist

(315) 616-6854 x107

Edwards, Jamasia.jpg
J. Edwards.png
Jamasia Edwards

Family Resource Specialist

(315) 616-6854 x104

Erin Rawlins 2.jpg
Rawlins, Erin.jpg
Erin Rawlins

Family Resource Specialist

(315) 616-6854 x115

Sellars, Aasiya.jpg
Baby Aasiya hates snow.JPG
Aasiya Sellars

Family Resource Specialist

(315) 616-6854 x105

Ashley Homer_Final.png
A. Homer.png
Ashley Homer

PT Family Resource Specialist

(315) 616-6854 x102

Garcia, April.jpg
AGarcia Baby Pic_Final.jpg
April Garcia

PT Family Resource Specialist

Sierra McMahon.jpg
S. McMahon.png
Sierra McMahon

PT Family Resource Specialist

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