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Partners release report to make child care and Pre-K top priority in 2017 lawmakers budget

The Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy, along with the Alliance for Quality Education, the Center for Children’s Initiatives, and Citizen Action of New York have released a new report laying out a plan for New York State to make significant investments in child care and Pre-K in the 2017 Executive Budget.  The report, Too Many Children Still Waiting: Make Quality Early Learning a Priority in 2017 Budget, calls upon New York lawmakers to make good on their pledge to provide universal Pre-K to all New York 4-year-olds.  At present, that promise has only been realized in New York City; in the rest of the state, 81% of 4-year-olds still do not have access to Pre-K.  The report also urges real investment in child care to avert a crisis facing New York’s working families: at present, 83% of families living below 200% of poverty are not receiving child care subsidies due to inadequate investment.  This leaves families of three making less than $40,000 to shoulder child care costs that can exceed $10,000 a year for one child on their own.

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