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Key Program/Initiative

Child Care Quality Improvement Project

Launched in 2019

The Child Care Quality Improvement (CCQI) project is an actionable plan for improving the quality of child care within Onondaga County’s existing infrastructure of care. The initiative incorporates the following three priorities:


Improving quality across three types of child care programs – child care centers, family child care homes, and legally exempt providers.


Ensuring children are developing on track and meeting developmental milestones and that, when off-track, their families are supported in connecting them to appropriate services.


Minimizing the negative impact of low pay and turnover for staff.


"Increase the quality of child care available to families, resulting in optimal child development and school readiness."


To learn more please contact initiative director Jessica Ellis at:

(315)-446-1220 x 348

Other Projects

Child Care Landscape Analysis

In 2021, the ECA sought to better understand how families in Onondaga County access child care.Working in partnership with Child Care Solutions and the Onondaga County Department of SocialServices – Economic Security, we commissioned Syracuse University’s Maxwell X Lab and the R/E/D Group to conduct a comprehensive child care landscape analysis. The study provides an overview of the child care landscape in Onondaga County. We aim to use the findings to guide investments and work toward an equitable child care system that supports all children in meeting their full potential.

Click the links below to learn more or read the full study report.


To learn more please contact initiative director Jessica Ellis:

(315)-446-1220 x 348


Megan Wagner-Flynn:


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